We will send you a school artwork pack when you register for a Mug fundraiser.

Contained in this will be Mug artwork guideline sheets for you to follow to ensure that your pupils' artwork can be reproduced with the best possible results.

The Do's of Mug Designs

Bright, colourful designs that fill the box produce the best results.

Use paint, felt tip, crayon, inks and bright coloured pencils.

Use collage.

Use glitter glue.

Make sure any text is bold, legible and kept within 2cm of the edges of the black border.

Make sure any design does not go over the black border line as we will crop the artwork to give a professional finish

The Don'ts of Mug Designs

Please DO NOT use sprinkle glitter (glitter glue is fine)

If you are doing collage, please MAKE SURE ALL PIECES ARE FIRMLY STUCK DOWN.

Please don't fold the artwork, or use staples or sellotape.

Avoid metallic finishes over large areas.

Pale coloured pencils/chalk on a white background do not reproduce well.

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